Benefits of MC Naturals Hair Butter - Monica's Story

What image comes to mind when you think about butter for hair? I imagine it’s something extremely greasy and slick. Something that weighs down your hair and makes it stick to your head. Ugh!  Who would want that??

But MC Naturals Hair Butter is like a drink of water for your thirsty strands! Dry hair quickly becomes damaged hair. Damaged hair breaks, splinters, and has difficulty growing. What your hair needs, particularly if you have African American hair, is moisture. It needs to retain moisture.

Monica’s story.

By my definition, I’m a natural girl. I’ve been wearing my hair without chemicals for years. Okay, slight exaggeration. I do like to color it. But no perms, weaves, glue, extensions, you get my point.  Anyway, I started noticing that my hair was dry and brittle at the crown and it was becoming a disaster! My annual physical uncovered vitamin deficiencies. Who knew that could make my hair break off? I certainly didn’t! Through proper supplements, I corrected the health issues. But the damage to my hair was already done. I made a desperate call to my hair stylist to cut the damaged hair. But she cautioned me that cutting ALL of the damage would leave me close to bald. Say wha?!!! Absolutely not! So we cut several inches and agreed that I’d come back every six weeks to get deep trims until the damage was gone.  This made me more determined than ever to find a product that would heal my hair. Except I couldn’t find one! (I’m not saying they don’t exist. I’m just saying, I couldn’t find it.)  So I decided to take matters into my hands, and working with my business partner and bestie (who was dealing with her own bout of dry hair), we went to work creating the perfect solution.


After several tries and failures, we finally landed on the right combination of oils and butters that are a dream team for your hair! With regular use and proper hair protection when you sleep (so your pillow isn’t snagging your hair and undoing all of your hard work) you should begin to notice a difference in the health of your hair. At least we did, and everyone we let try it did as well. Our hair became vibrant. It had body. It had shine. It had moisture. It was soft. Our MC Naturals Moisture Seal Hair Butter was a godsend! And we want to share our creation with everyone who can relate to our story!

Over the years, we've expanded our line from our hair butter to include an entire, easy to use, Healthy Hair Care System for naturals, straight hair styles, and protected hair styles

Give us a try! Your hair will thank you!